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Kikwayi Backpackers Hostel

The organization Pat the Child runs a hostel in the village of Kikwayi, just a half hour walk from the lake Victoria. Are you fed up with the pollution, prices and city life of Kampala? Spend some time in the greenest district of Uganda (Mukono), and experience a traditional Ugandan village.

You can rent a single room for as little as 10.000 shillings a night (about 5 dollars), or a double for 15.000. Sheets and blankets are provided, but bring a mosquito net. There's a beautiful campsite with stunning views where you can pitch your tent for just 5.000 shillings a night.

Food and drinks
The family of the hotel manager Fred Kaggwa enjoys cooking for the guests, so that a meal is only 2.000 shillings (about 1 dollar). Cool beers or sodas can be bought from the hostel. If you like to cook your own food, this is a possibility as well.

It will take you a while to get bored of the breathtaking views from the hostel's balcony. But if you do, you can:

  • Go for (guided or not) walks through the forest or to the lake. You can spot monkeys on the way!
  • Go fishing with the local fishermen, and experience one of the largest rural Ugandan economic activities on the biggest lake of Africa.
  • Rent a bicycle or small motorcycle to increase your range, and really discover the area.
  • Be introduced to some prominent people, such as the village elders or the witch doctors, which this area is known for.
  • Help a few days in the yoghurt factory: an incoming generating activity that this NGO has developed to run several programmes to support local orphans.
  • Try to beat the hostel's manager in checkers: not an easy task!
We know how difficult it is to leave the beaten tracks and actually experience the true African life: rural Uganda. But a stay in the Kikwayi Hostel is not only one of the best ways to come to your senses and relax a bit, but also the best way to experience true Africa.

How to get there?
The hostel is located in the south of the Mukono district, which is just east of Kampala. Take the minibus to Nkokonjeru, Mukono district from the old taxi park in Kampala (1.5 hrs, 4000 UGX). Then call Fred, the hostel manager, for a pick-up: 0774154872 or take boda-boda to Kikwayi, Katete.

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